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Three words at a time, we will write a new story before midnight strikes!!

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At around my midnight each day (central USA time), I will compile everything that has been said (three words at a time) into a random story (long or short), and we can look at what we have created. Don't worry, I will type everything together because I'm a fast typist and show you all what we have created! :D

I'll give today's story a head start since we only have approximately 12 hours left in the day before midnight strikes! Three words at a time is the only rule!


WildCherry: Once upon a

Mr. Alex: time Josh had

Acy: 78.6 kids from

houseofcards: 27 pregnant mothers.

Delusive-Sunshine: He was a

Ozzy Manson: very happy woman,

: weren't you, Joshiekins?

Now, I add onto the story! How come you
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