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Three year relationship gone, she doesnt wanna talk , what do i do?



So I've been in a relationship with a girl for three years and we just broke up in the last year when i left for university, we broke up coz she thought i cheated on her but i didnt so she kinda went for two months thinking that i cheated on her and now that im back home i asked her nicley if i could go see her and she sent her her to call me , i know she still loves me i feel it , she started going on a date with a guy but she said she will never get into a relationship with anyone after me , what do i do because i honestly feel like suiciding if i dont get her back and dont tell me time coz i want her back and i know she does, its just that she doesnt wanna hear me out even though if she does everything is going to change

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All you can do is give her space write out in a letter what is in your heart send it to her. Give her time okay and yes you can move on you can meet another who will maybe be a better match You can only do your best and if that is not good enough for her then you deserve better hugs


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Consider your options carefully and decide if she's really worth your time. Does she even deserve you after she picked another guy over you? Sometimes, it is just better to move on but I don't know your situation fully so I can't tell you to do that. All the best. :hug:

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