through the fog

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  1. D Scott OBrien

    D Scott OBrien New Member


    The handful of pills I hold
    Offer the promise of freedom
    An escape from the pains
    That continually haunt me.
    They speak to me softly
    With sensual voice
    Of the release contained therein.
    Whispers of an alluring sound
    Cut through my coherent thoughts
    Singing songs of a peaceful death.
    I wrap my hand around the bottle
    I’ll use to wash them down
    The reek of rum filling my nose
    Telling me of the numbness it will provide.
    I swallow the pills one by one
    In my final act of desperation
    When a haunting cry breaks through the fog
    That is the despair I feel.
    The voice is small
    But has the power of giants
    And I stop in mid-swallow
    The final pill melting on my tongue.
    It is the voice of a child I hear
    The voice of my daughter.
    My hand wavers, trembles slightly
    No longer reaching for the bottle
    But for the phone.
    I dial 911.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    YOu keep that childs voice inside you hun and yu listen to it often okay do not lose sight of who loves you and will need you forever hugs
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