Throw Me Away.

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    Note: I'm's been a while.

    Throw Me Away.

    I promised I’d never fall in love with someone like you
    I was determined to prove them all wrong
    You came into my mind, and twisted it in two
    So where do I go from here?
    I tried walking away but you haunt every thought
    My dreams, my nightmares, and life
    I listen to songs and try so hard to cry
    But the anger still seethes in my soul
    You fed so many lies right into my heart
    And foolishly, I believed them in spades
    You pushed me to run and I look at you now
    How did I not see all your plans?
    You had good intentions? You wanted me to be safe?
    No, you wanted me for yourself
    As your fragile slaved puppet who would do as you say
    And in return my loyalty and faith
    I can’t look at you now without my chest clenched in agony
    I cry, but the tears just won’t fall
    Not a song heals the hurt, no laugh for the pain
    I’m afraid of you, your words, and your name
    The person I knew, the one I once loved
    Is a character, a clown, and a fake
    The saddest thing of all, is that I’m all alone
    And can tell no one at all of your tales
    It pains me to see that you’re not the only one
    Who tried taking advantage and won
    Kindness is weakness? Well you surely beat me
    Because I’m lying here broken, and torn
    Your ego is thine enemy, your amusement – insane
    And after all that I gave up for you
    I lied and I hid to protect all your bullshit
    And what did I get in return?
    A darkened old cage with the key in your pocket
    Your laughter surrounding my head
    Because you’re oh so victorious but so utterly mad
    And you know that I can’t walk away.
    So have your celebrations like you always have done
    I’ll still remain her til the end
    But there’s a dark side in me that you never did see
    And now, I’m convinced you don’t care
    You created a monster, I think I watched it grow
    Into this horror of stories and tales
    You won’t win again, I can’t sever you name
    But I can forever remember your game
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    Not rusty at all - very nice.
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    if thats rusty I can't wait til you find your groove. Very well written.
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