Thy Life

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    You started your life
    As a friendly little man
    With friends and family
    All around

    But you found something nifty
    Something shiny and cool
    You found it on your birthday
    And it now owns you

    You used it to get away with stealing
    With spying, with murder
    But they caught on
    And tossed you out

    You lived your life in solitude
    Eating whatever crawled near you
    You wept endlessly
    And no-one cared

    You went twisted with loneliness
    With anger and despair
    You so loved your nifty little thing
    But you hated it just as well

    For years you did nothing
    You just longed for your own
    You cried, oh how you cried
    But your tears came far too late

    Your mind was warped
    Your soul's been sold
    Your heart was twisted
    And you had no hope

    You thought about going home
    You thought about forgiveness
    You knew, however, that they'd never forgive
    And you'd never let go

    One day, a traveler came to your home
    A small, stout fellow
    You played games with him
    And he played games with you

    You were winning, you both knew that
    He did something sneaky, he did something bad
    He cheated on you, he cheated in the game
    And he got away with it

    He stole what was yours
    Put it in his pocket
    You chased him out
    And you caught him

    You two fought, oh how you fought
    But he was on top
    And he could kill you
    But he pitied you

    You cursed his name as he left your home
    Robbed your life of all meaning
    You chased after him
    But you were years behind

    On your travels
    You met your queen
    A large, fat creature
    You'd please by any means

    You brought her news
    You brought her food
    Eventually, though
    You brought your doom

    An Ainu-man caught you
    And he hurt you
    You screamed only two words
    But that was enough

    You fled from him
    But were recaptured
    By another Ainur
    And a broken-down king

    They hurt you too
    And when they stopped
    They tossed you to the Tawarwaith
    And from there you did escape

    You climbed down into darkness
    Another rocky hole for you to live
    It was a great Black Chasm
    It was Dwarrowdelf

    There you found the thief's cousin
    And you saw that he had what was yours
    You chased him and his friends
    Your birthday present just out of reach

    (This is far, far, far from finished. But, to the pits with it, I'm probably never going to finish it, so I might as well post it.)
Thread Status:
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