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  1. FoReVeR LoSt

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    Time is ticking away as I sit here and cry
    I no longer have the strength to try
    The strength to stop from cutting my cold skin
    All I see is your fucking evil grin

    No longer do I have that feeling
    I lie watching the pale white ceiling
    My arm is cut in many different places
    Finally I can see the faces

    The faces of the people that have abandoned me
    All I wanted to do was just get up and flee
    You held me down and I couldn’t get away
    Suddenly everything started to turn grey

    There was no color left in my cold soul
    I’m dropping back down into my black hole
    The hole that housed me for all these years
    The hole that housed all my fears

    You’ll never know how I truly felt
    Inside every day and night I melt
    Knowing that I won’t get better
    That’s why I have left you this letter

    I guess thank you is in order at this time
    Not like you would hear it, I feel like a mime
    You here that silence in the air
    That’s me after I take away the chair
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    I loved this poem :)
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