Tiger claw

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  1. ACRon

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    another false dawn, but I recover.
    Oh tsunami, set me free.
    i know the tigers over there,
    was that a beating heart?
    ...I watch it turn to rubber.

    scary, scary, why you got ta scare me like that?

    I guess the slaves, will have to wait,
    Just a little while longer.
    I didn't create an underdog!
    It just happened, as I pondered,

    this kind of obsession is unheathy.
    I try to smile anyway.

    where there is water, there is rubber.
    i fear for whats in store,
    there's people out there, who have no fear.
    day breaks,
    i hear the 'mans' name.
    i spiral away,
    but tiger claw keeps a string on me.
    I'll be up here helpless,
    trying to ignore how it came to pass, that I
    have no choice.

    existence is futile,
    surrounded by the voices, out of reach.
    out of harms way.
    I know who I am not,
    I'm around them, but i choose to rot.
    later on, I'll feel better.
    when all my gifts have gone.
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    Awesome :heart:
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