Till Death Do Us Part

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    Simple things we say and do
    All the shit we're forced to go through
    The greatest burden that is life
    The greatest wish of someone at our side
    Binding vows never to be broken
    The silent promise always spoken
    “I'll love you forever and then some more”
    “I'll love you longer till my heart is sore”
    Childish terrors that haunt the mind
    Dare you look behind
    The black drapes that hang
    The one song never sang
    A mask of normality always worn
    But you can't see what you've torn

    Two heartbroken lovers, a promise sealed with a kiss
    The red on white we won't miss
    Distressed souls, wounded hearts
    Till death do us part
    Bleeding on the inside let it pour out
    The single moment, the slightest doubt
    The road's end they both thirst
    The only question; who will go first?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.