time hasn't healed the pain

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by deadmanwalking, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. deadmanwalking

    deadmanwalking New Member

    They say time heals the pain of losing someone special in your life. Why do I still have the feeling that I don't want to go on without you. I feel I'm only going through the motion on life right now. The only thing so far that has kept me from ending it, is knowing how this will affect my family. But I can feel that I'm slowly even forgetting that. Even though I had a great time with family today, I still had thoughts without you it doesn't matter anymore. Sitting here now comteplating the meaning of life and how am I ever going to manage knowing that you will never love me again. WHY oh Why did you have to just give up on me.
  2. JMSH

    JMSH New Member

    It's not only me suffering today on a holiday. I'm going through the same you are. I feel your pain, it hurts so much to remember her
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    I'm so sorry you both are hurting so deeply. :hug:
  4. jonsmith

    jonsmith Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, i feel your pain. i never got over someone that left me 10 years ago. there is nothing that hurts more than being an owner of a broken heart
  5. cots

    cots Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry you're hurting. I had my boyfriend left me Feb this year. Not a day over him. Tried everything, even those dumb Get Your Ex Back systems, but he remained unmoved. I don't know if I can get over him, but I'm trying to take little steps each day. Stay strong.
  6. mpang123

    mpang123 Well-Known Member

    I think the only way I can forget about my relationship is "out of sight, out of mind". I have to move out from my place of living so I don't have to see his presense anymore.
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