Time Out

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  1. I'm SOOoooooo GD tired - thanks for reading...

    And dedicated to the new (welcome) and old 'walking wounded'...


    * * * *
    Time Out

    If I could be
    my own best friend,
    if I could tell me
    just one thing
    I’d say, let it go…
    Stay where you must,
    but don’t let go of
    love for you
    You have seen such sorrow
    that each of your Today’s
    could have swept
    all Tomorrows away
    I’d say,
    you’ve touched bottom
    with honour,
    fought for right, and best,
    take some time,
    you need the rest.
    You’ve struggled to remain whole,
    even in pain, you’re
    such a beautiful soul
    If I could be such a friend
    I’d say it’s not the end
    and you’d hear me when
    I said, if you want to hide
    that’s quite alright
    for today
    You’ve been used up and wounded
    You’ve been betrayed
    In countless ways you’ve been lead astray
    You need some clearing,
    for I know you’re so weary
    And you’re not someone so much lost
    as someone who’s had too far too much
    cost, stolen from your mighty strength
    I’d advise you not to feel,
    I’d beseech you but to heal,
    and I’d lend you my hand
    so you’d understand, saying,
    you’re fine with me,
    and all I see
    is one in great need of
    Time Out
  2. BrokenPieces

    BrokenPieces Well-Known Member

    we all need a time out from our daily lives at points in our lives...

    thanks for sharing...

  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Very sound advice... now take it yourself, please?:sad: love you muchly and have infinite faith in your ability to survive and do better by and for yourself!!!:smile: I believe in you!:smile: :smile:


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