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time passing....more bleeding

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by total_edge, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. total_edge

    total_edge Guest

    Bended in a place full of knifes down, knees full of stabs,
    screaming from pain, and waiting for one last strike....
    waiting for the rest of the body to fall down and die...
    no more light, no more time...
    And on the other side, the good friend always saying
    "everything is gonna be just fine" always helping , everywhere,
    now, he supports that too, "DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE", "NO WORTH LIVING",
    "YOU WILL SEE MORE PAIN", and i always agreed, i never said it to him
    though, i never did, i just left him alone...waiting for my last hopes
    to expire, he knew my last hopes expired long time ago, but he still kept
    it secret....he waited a long time for me....
    and my answer always was..."just wait a little
    longer , one last thing to prove....", and then ...he stops talking
    ,waiting for me, and me from my side, hoping that he will be there to
    help me....just to help...
    just hoping to be there.....to help
  2. me_

    me_ Guest

    Come to MSN NOW!!!!
    If you don't want me to have a heart attack here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am serious!!!!!
  3. me_

    me_ Guest

    please you don't know what i'm going throuh right now
  4. kath

    kath Well-Known Member

    Hey please get back in touch.Please please.Hun im sorry.ive only just seen this.Youve always been there for me and i couldnt be there for you the time you most needed me.im a pathetic waste of space.Please come back.Please just get back in touch adn talk to us hun.im worried sick.ive only just seen this and im worried sick.i know things were bad for you right now............ but i didnt know they were this bad.im sorry your going through this hun.So sorry.Big hugs if wanted.im so worried......im gonna send you a PM!!!!!

    Please try and remember im here for you anytime and you can talk to me about anything.i am sorry for the way you are currrently feeling and for not being there for you when you most needed me.

    Please take care and please please keep safe
  5. total_edge

    total_edge Guest

    im REALLY SORRY if i upset anyone with this stupid thread, it
    was a mistake, im in DEEP DEEP Sh*t lately,
    and i just had to take those stuff out of my chest :sad:

    again sorry, hope you are all ok...
  6. deathdomepart

    deathdomepart Active Member

    no need to say sorry as long as your ok

    charlotte xxxx
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