Time Person of the Year 2010: Mark Zuckerberg

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Do you have, or ever had, an account on Facebook?

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  1. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    Woop woop, my crush! :heart:

    Are you on the Facebook?

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  2. damage.case

    damage.case Well-Known Member

    It should have been Julian Assange.
  3. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    I agree.

    While Facebook is supremely popular, I don't think popularity equates to importance in this case: any one of the dozens of social networking platforms out there would take its place in no time if it were to vanish.
  4. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    Didn't time name Moot (The admin responsible for 4chan) as the worlds most influential person last year?
    What does that tell you.
  5. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    They did not. They named Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, last year. They like American politicians, no surprise there, being American.
  6. Mortal Moon

    Mortal Moon Well-Known Member

    If memory serves, that was just the result of an online poll. So Time asked the internet who should be the person of the year, and the internet said "Moot." No big surprises there.

    They also manipulated the results such that the the first letter of each name on the list spelled out "MARBLECAKE. ALSO, THE GAME." As much as I think Time is completely irrelevant and full of crap for the most part nowadays, we can rest assured: at least they're not 4chan.
  7. Crue-K

    Crue-K Well-Known Member

    Mark Zuckerberg joins many other worthy reciptants, such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin!!!

    I'm not on facebook, never have and never will.
  8. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    I think picking Zuckerberg was a great decision, and that the only other viable alternative was 'the unemployed American'. These were the only two things that really mattered this year, culturally, in my opinion. And as for the popularity of Facebook supposedly not being worthy of any recognition, I disagree. I think Facebook is a seminal aspect of the last decade and changed the way people connect and communicate with one another, which will last for many decades to come; that in addition to the biggest and highest acclaimed movie of the year being based entirely on the birth of this social network revolving around Zuckerberg... oh yeah, he's definitely become the biggest and most influential staple in American culture this year, like it or not.

    Also a $100,000,000 dollar gift to the Newark public school system as well. :yes:
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