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    Im shivering and shaking. I can't do this I can't I can't anymore.... There is no way I can handle the pain. I know where they put the blades.... Oh beautiful fresh new blades. Thank god for their stupidity because even though they mean to hurt me they try to keep me from getting my turn. My turn now, I need this. It's been three fucking long months but I give up. I can't do this anymore.... No more... My turn to hurt me. You all have don't it plenty.... My turn. If you get to so do I.my turn to let the blood flow not from my heart but my arms and legs. It's my turn. To still the shaking. And it's my turn to finally decide if I live or I die.
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    It is your turn. Choose to live, and to seek help. If you can access on online forum like this, you should be able to access suicide hotlines and other resources which can help you deal with your situation. You mentioned that people hurt you and might intend to hurt you more with blades. Consider telling that to the professional on the other end of a suicide hotline phone call. Do not harm yourself; this coping method is gratuitously harmful and there are probably many more effective, safe coping approaches available to you.

    Be safe and be strong.
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    hey kiddo. just cause they try keep you from getting your turn does not mean that you never get your turn. it's always your turn if you choose it to be so. no one can control yourself like you can.

    you're better than they are though -- so take the higher road and choose to live. i promise that life gets better. :hug:

    my pm inbox is open if you need me.