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  1. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    lets face it... time puts pressure on us. why? each person goes at their own pace. guess im just posting this cause im nervous. im staring at my brandy in one hand, and the clock on my mobile in the other. soon ill know. but why not now? we have almost instantaneous communication available, yet we still have to abide by "working hours." why? if im gonna be a nobody, why not tell me now? i have to contact them asap, why cant they do the same? its causing me so much stress right now. tick tock again. but its ok. im medicated for this, yet they are allowed to make my condition worse with their threats? why? well i suppose it doesnt matter. its better to be writing this than cutting. but why should we have to be pushed to the point of no return by those meant to aid us? and all because of a wheel and a fucking battery!!!
  2. WldHair

    WldHair Well-Known Member

    Let me tell you something, hon, your life is in your hands. You must go at your own pace. To them you may be a nobody, a patient, a time waster, or whatever, but there is something remarkable about the human spirit. Say, even if they were to medicate your or force you into therapy, there is something unyielding and knowing about ourselves. They can't take that from you. Unfortunately, when we spiral downwards and it's like being flushed down a drain where you have no strength to remove yourself from the pull, remembering that about your spirit can help you. You're in pain right now and sometimes a hug from the right person can be more healing than all the drugs and therapy out there. You must remember, many of these people haven't been down the road you have. They are in essence working blind because they are incapable of understanding the darkness from your point of view.

    To me, you're somebody holding that bottle of brandy and for what it's worth, I give you a big hug because you matter to me and I'd like you to take back your essence from the hands of these others. Unfortunately, we are left to often heal ourselves that's why so many of us aren't able to get better. But when you make that decision, it is the spirits which often rise to help us.

    Good fortune,

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