Time To Leave (message for everyone)

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting here. For the past three months i have been battling with a difficult illness that no one has a cure for. I have visited urologists, doctors and specialists the world over to try to find a cure for me but no one has taken the time to listen to me or help me out. I suffered an injury three months ago that caused a massive knock on effect on my whole body.

Due to this my immune system went into shutdown and my whole body started aching and hurting over a period of twelve weeks. I felt terrible and not a single person knew why. My body started to waste during this this period and i lost alot of weight and fat in the process. My internal organs were also effected and this in turn caused me to suffer asthema and various other problems related with my eyes and hearing (which were already bad since childhood).

Needless to say, my life will never be the same again. I have spent my entire life focusing on helping others but the irony is no one has helped me when i have been in need. Infact (in an almost ironic sense) the world has been very negative towards me the more i help others. I have never been able to understand this and i will never understand why i was born with this heavy cross and all the bad luck that goes with it.

I have made my decision to leave this world with alot of good memories and friends, i am thankful for the time i was given here to help others and hopefully made some difference to this place. I have my method ready and my date/time set. I have no more hope left and i have never been lucky enough to have any form of 'good; luck, i can no longer hang on for this because it will never come.

The purpose of this thread is for people to sit back and realise the good thing's they have going for them. To think before jumping into suicide and consider what you really have in this world. It's too easy to let anger, hatred and self pity over power the true human spirit and what it really means to be human.

Anyway take care everyone and i will try to continue posting until i reach my date.

Kind Regards,
Your Friend
You sound like a great person, unfortunately it can be hard to find them these days - I hope you'll have a lot to say before you go. Tell us about your experiences, what you've learned, and what life means to you. It will be good for us to hear, as you've said - We take for granted simple things we should be enjoying every day of our lives. I don't know how long you have to live, but I want you to know that helping others is what has motivated me to live through the worst of times, and all that you've done will not be forgotten. When you help others to live, that goes beyond just those you were with personally. They will remember what you did for them, and that's what will motivate them to help others, so the cycle will continue , has continued, and your actions live on indefinitely in this way, in terms of influence. I can only hope the doctors will find the answer for your illness in time. No matter what, I recognize what you're doing here, and you have my support.
Thank you for the kind feedback. My intention is to setup a special website with daily videos for people to view and give feedback on. I feel i have some strong messsages and a prophecy to continue with the help of others.

It's important that everyone understand's that i am not religious or political in anyway and have no intention of "preaching".

From an academic stand point I am not a trained psychiatrist or psychologist, but i can help every single person here. I have the ability to understand, associate and help other's no matter the situation. I have spent my entire life studying psychology, body language, dreams, endocrine system, programming, audio production, neural networks, medicine and various other subjects. My so-called "drug" in life is information, data, understand and supporting others.

To many this may sound radical, but my intention is to change the world. This may seem like "big" words coming from some random guy on the internet but it's important people have trust and faith on how strong my intentions are.

My intention is to start a non-religious movement focused on supporting others. Anyone who is willing to help or join me is more than welcome.
The idea doesn't sound too radical to me. I've wanted to create or join in a positive movement for a long time, though I haven't found any particular political group or organization that I felt passionate enough to become part of yet. The candidates I vote for in elections here in the U.S. never stand a chance against the wealthier politicians. Those with the most money always have the privileges to spread their message to the most people, and I know many people who are ashamed to live in a 'democracy' that runs a society on such unequal terms. Though I do think there is a chance (though small) that if enough powerful ideas are presented and communicated by a group, the messages will naturally begin to spread through word of mouth and publication. So it is possible to start new movements even without money, if the messages inspire almost everyone who hears them. For example, W.E.B. Dubois and Martin Luther King are minority leaders who brought about great change even against difficult odds.

What was the nature of your initial accident? (If you don't mind me asking) Also, is it an autoimmune disease that you're currently suffering from? I've heard that severe autoimmune problems can be very difficult for doctors to deal with, aside from just treatment of the symptoms and pains that go along with the disease. Regarding your plans to end your life - what is the method you've chosen, and the date to carry it out? I was suicidal at a time when I was much younger, though my reasons were due to (at the time) powerful emotions that I couldn't control, though I seem to have gained considerably more control as I've grown older. I've never experienced anything close to what you're describing though, but the fact that you want to continue living at least for a period of time - that gives me hope, and is a good example of the human spirit prevailing against pain and misfortune. It's this hope, positive outlook, and will to survive that all of us need. I believe it's within all of us, though it takes powerful conflict to bring it out at times.


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Helping others is quite often the only thing that keeps me going. Just like you, I want to change the world. I know that it wont be easy and that I might not be able to make the bigger impact that I want to, but I do know that I can make some change. I can help those who need it and in doing so, like Syd said, the cycle will continue.
Ive never really thought about some sort of group like that, but I would love to be apart of it.
Im sorry you feel this way, is the accident and the affect its had on your body the only thing troubling you and making you want to end it?

Please take care, Ally x
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