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Just had a random question on my mind lately. Anyone else have or ever get that feeling like time is just slipping away? This may come from someone who has put on some years, but sometimes you just look at your past, present, and future and it's almost surreal when you see; friends long gone doing other things in their life, all the changes/fun/good/bad you've had throughout the seasons, adults who where young getting older, YOU are getting older, etc.

When I was 'younger', this was often a downer because I felt their was so much I wanted to do in life, yet just that kept unfairly slipping through my hands. I wanted to accomplish 'more', and often thought of being such a waste that it wasn't being 'used'. But over the years, as I've matured(and become numb) and had 'my view' widened and explained, I don't blame myself for those things anymore; In other words, if I blew an opportunity that would be one thing, but never having the opportunity in the first place is another.

Don't get me wrong, in a way I love to see my time slip away. Why? Oh you know, all the pain in this world, debauchery, not minding if it ends, kind of thing. I mentally, physically, spiritually have been ready to leave for a long time. I think I would cry bittersweet tears of joy if I truly knew the day was at hand. But maturity/experience kicks in usually now, so I don't set my 'race car' for the finish line directly anymore. Let's just go in the pits for awhile, get a refill, enjoy the sights, head on over to the concession stand for a drink and a hot dog, or maybe even sit in the stands for awhile. And if you're really nice, maybe even clean up a spill or two or empty the 'garbage can' for someone else while you're there? Watch the ball spin, without me, waiting for my real home, if that makes sense to anyone.

In the folk music thread, I posted 'Time In A Bottle' recently by Jim Croce; It's kind of a feeling like that. I watched/listened to that song as a child, when I was 23, when I was 33, and now, and I remember who I was(a slightly different person) every time I've done so in my life. Not saying good or bad, it's just surreal like I said. Feeling like it's real when it happens to you


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i know that feeling of time slipping away, i'm 63 and sometimes i wonder what happened to my life. when i was a young pup i sewed my wild oats went in the navy for a 2 year hitch and had a lot of fun as a wild american male. then i met my wife. it was great just her and i until child 1 came.

after raising three kids we ended up middle aged. and raising three kids was like a rat race it was all a big blur, but it was the best time of my life. now my wife and i are old and alone again. all our kids are grown but still help when we need it. where has the time gone.

i am happy with my life so i have no regrets when i do go. i was in management and i was a union president for a while, that allowed me to help hundreds of people. i have raised 3 great kids and my two sons are very successful. yes sometimes now and even when i was younger i wondered where the time had gone. but if a person is happy how their life turned out it doesn't matter where the time slipped to...mike...*hug*brohug


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When I look back on my life, I'm often amazed by how few memories I have. Most of my life is just mindless repetition and it all sort of blurs together. When I concentrate I can get bits and pieces to stand out a bit but most of the time the memories I have are few and far between - usually specific events - and not much else. It makes it hard to reconcile that with how many years I've actually lived (nearly 50 and that's something I always have to actively remember as opposed to actually know). It doesn't seem like there's enough memories to account for the time I've lived.

There's something sort of sad about that.


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A lot of my life has been incredible adventurous and fun but some was like a horror movie. Granted I’m not where you guys are but I try not to look back or forward too often. It’s a thought trap there is nothing worthwhile there. Now is relevant, now is where we are regardless of time and slipping away. Imagine how all the dummies in prison feel about it.

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