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Times Up

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Hello All

Times up and I want to find the best way out of here painless and be assured of the right outcome death.

I have chronic kidney disease and multiple medical issues including chronic pain and really have had enough.

I feel it is my choice I have not lost the plot but to face this pain and poor health seems pointless and leads no where

I have <edit moderator total eclipse method>and want to know what else I need to take with this to ensure a suitable outcome for my wishes

I have access to <edit moderator total eclipse method>

So if I <mod edit: *sparkle* methods> and I going to be going out nice and sleepy and never wake again?

I appreciate your help

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Hi and welcome to SF

we aren't allowed to discuss methods on here but I hope you'll stay around a while and talk to us..

I'm so sorry you have so much pain to deal with..

want to tell us more about how you're feeling??
So how do you find these things out

I feel it is so unfair that it is not our choice

Euthanasia should be possible why is it not only due to Christian beliefs. I'm a Christian but there comes a time when it just gets to much and especially when you know there is no end to the suffering the Doctors can do nothing I've tried so many ......

Just need to get out its that simple

Freedom of choice

total eclipse

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as said this is a prolife forum hun you need to talk to your doc to get pain meds adjusted to ease your pain If you need support we are here okay Try talking to us awhile okay life can still be managed with right meds hugs
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