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Tinnitus is too much to bear

I recently came home from a quince and I have been hearing nothing but blasting music in my ears for at least 5 hours today. I don't know how people who have this condition for a long time deal and my heart goes out to you. I just feel like I wanna rip out my brain or something, this sucks so much. Does anyone know any good tips or tricks to reduce the noise or help it get better? I'm listening to sounds at different hertz levels so it's helping somewhat since it takes my mind off the ringing, but I just wanna hear someone's experience with it and how they cope.

It makes me feel afraid that I could have potentially messed up my hearing for life and that I won't be able to enjoy life the same way.
I've got it, and I've had it for a long time. I don't pay much attention to it, but it's always there. It gets stronger some times than others.

Figuring out and avoiding what makes it worse helps. For me, it was artificial sweetner, so I cut it out of my diet. I even get sweetner-free toothpaste.

My answer for anything chronic that conventional medicine can't treat is acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.


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Hi Ashley, there are others on SF with tinnitus, hopefully they maybe able to relate and help. I am sorry you are feeling so low. SF is here for you. *grouphug2


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Hey Ashley, to help myself I try to avoid places or things with loud noises. If I'm going to the cinema or a bar I will make sure I am not sitting directly beneath a speaker and if I think it is going to be too loud I bring ear plugs. You can buy some online and they're not too expensive. If I'm watching tv I will make sure to turn it down if it is hurting my ears. If you're listening to music make sure it is not too loud, especially if you are using in-ear headphones. I just try to protect my ears as much as I can.

For permanent sufferers, it does get better over time. Much better in fact. You'll find at some point it no longer disturbs your every waking minute. I don't hear it in the day anymore unless it is very quiet or my T is acting up. A lot of people I have spoken to who have tinnitus have said the same thing. Over time it gets a lot better. It is a minor annoyance for me now and considering it was starting to ruin my life and stopping me from sleeping, that's a long way to come.

If you find that after a couple of days the sound does not go away, please see your GP. - Bob


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Well, a lot of things have happened, but just referring to now, I would say I am doing a little bit better. I am feeling some stress coming on from school approaching, but I can't let it affect me too much. I've been trying to be smart and proactive in my choices.
that's a healthy attitude i'm proud of you. and a lot of people have stress it can be destructive or a minor inconvenience. with your attitude you'll do well, just remember to talk to us anytime, it does help. mike *hug
I have tinnitus although not as severe as others have described. Its prevalent when its quiet and i hear a constant ringing in my ear that drives me bonkers. I have an app called white noise that helps me mask the ringing. Nowadays though i just put on youtube/netflix and thats enough to get me to sleep without being distracted by the ringing.

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