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Tiny problem


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OK, here goes. Over the weekend I went to a concert and I met this girl. We hung out there (it was one of those all day festivals) and we kissed. I got her phone number and everything. The next day I called her, added her on msn and ever since things have been really awkward. She barely talks on msn and its me whose always initiating the conversation.

This is just part 1 of my problem. Part 2 is as followed. At the concert I found out her age but by then I was already kinda drunk so it didnt really sink in with me. The next day I realised that the 9 years difference between us (shes 16) might be a tiny problem. (in a purely platonic way, I really want to stress that. I am a gentleman.) Now we are a week further and I cannot get her out of my mind. I think I might be falling for this girl and these things are really driving me nuts.


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if she's not into it, there's nothing you can do. and the age difference is really obvious until youre 20 or something.

*shrugs* you can continue trying, but let her know that you want to see her more, and see what her response is.


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Probably best mate. She's just getting out of school in the uk, she'll have another year if she's in NA. I can understand how it goes though.

At the end of it though, if you're the one always starting the conversations that's the biggest sign.

No harm no foul, sounds like you had a good time together atleast! :D


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yeah, you have to let her go. Also, you should watch the movie called "Shanghai Kiss"

its about this girl who still goes to high school i think? who really likes this much older guy... but he knows that she is too young for him, he grows to love her more and more overtime, he decides to go to china to find a different life comes back and she's just turned 18...

Oh, Hayden Penatierre stars... she's really hot.

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