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Tired and gravely depressed

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I have the worst depression I have had in four years. That is all this world is about isn't it.....getting used. It has been sometime since I posted on SF. I am tired of live day in and day out. I called a friend yesterday and got my yelled at for calling them. And here I thought we were friends, not anymore. I have been threatened to be killed if I talk to a certain person because this guy is over powering her.
I had a fight with my parents and they point blank said I can't think for myself and I am out of my mind. It just all sucks. I have always tried so hard and fail at it all. Everyone on here is in the same situation so why do we all stay on this earth?
Im sorry to hear that ur in so much pain

To answer ur question we r all still here because we have hope, however faint it may be, we have hope. Humans are not supposed to kill themselves. We r all meant to go through changes, and pain, its all a learning experience. Find what it is that u love, find what u want to be, what u want to do...and in that find ur bit of hope...the hopes and wishes that can one day turn into ur reality. I hope that day comes for u very soon!
Remember, its not always going to hurt this much, hang in there and u will b come out the other side a far better person!


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i'm still here (barely) because i figure life was given to me, and i may as well do something with it. and it doesn't really matter what that something is. anything. i'm in my 3rd year of college, and i failed at it. i tried to kill myself and failed at that too. so now instead of trying to take my life again, i may as well just stay in my dorm room.. and do nothing. or travel. or read. until i figure out what i will do. the one thing i can do is just exist. so why not do that?


I'm all over the shop as well, why are we here still. I always used to think things will get better and turn out for the best, ok you get knocks along the way. But things seem to be just a permanent knock for the last 3 years for me. I'm on my way out but there are a few things i need to sort out first i think.

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Hope is a tedious thing to believe in. Im a fool for believing in it. I dont question anyones intentions or legitmacy of their feelings. I just know im here because Im too much of a coward right now to do the right thing. It tough. I woudlnt care how meaningless my existence is, but the pain and stress is unbearable. It never ends.
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