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I'm going through some major changes in my life and many important choices I have to make. And that's not a problem, I know and I accept that life is about changes and choices. The problem is every time I feel I found my way someone (not anyone, I mean family members here) comes and makes me feel worthless and stupid and tells me I'm rushing it or something similar. I know it's not true, I'm not rushing, I'm actually giving it a lot of thought. The story is very long and I don't want to bore you.
The point is I feel I've reached a limit here. I can't take it anymore, I can't find the strength to either get up and move on and find a new way or a new perspective or to fight with whomever is telling me I'm wrong. I'm tired of fighting, of explaining my point of view. I'm tired of always making all these plans and truly feeling like everything is perfect, only to have it all fall down right in front of me in a couple of minutes. I just feel like letting all go, closing down, shutting the door to the world, disappear because I feel no matter what I do I'll never find the right way, there will always be someone there to tell me I'm wrong.
I'm probably not making much sense. Truth is I needed to let it out, to write it down in the hope that I'll find yet again the strength to get up and fight for what I want. And since I did write it I'll ask this: how do you deal with this types of feelings? How to find strength and hope after being repeatedly been told you're wrong? After making wrong choices over and over again? Or probably a question that applies even more to my situation: what do you do when the closest people you have in your life are constantly bringing you down, cutting all your hopes? How do you deal with them?
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Hi hon - sorry you are in such a situation…

I was not so close to my parents. I moved out as soon as I could (when I was 19)...I’m glad I did…

I feel you are mature enough to try out your plan(s)…even if you didn’t succeed, at least you would have tried…and would not feel worse than how you feel now…

Of course, you can still love your family members. Who knows, you may feel more love towards them without listening to them about your plans. They may have good intentions, but they do not know your situation and your ability (you may always be their little girl in a way) as well as you do and their views may be dated as well.

Anyway, I encourage you to trust yourself and go with your plan(s)…and your life…

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Maybe time to find a place of your own hun share apt with someone so you cna have your own space your freedom and show them you are independant of them
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