Tired and in pain.

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    Hello all

    Im 39 male from the UK. As a child i went through 13 years of abuse and pain. Im bisexual ( i think), i suffer from nightmares and flashbacks. Im trying to deal with the past but it tearing my life apart. Im seeing a counselor and psychiatrist/doctor, but everything is falling apart.
    Someone on a site for abused males told me about this site and said it could help me.
    I feel like just giving up, it hurts to carry on this sham of a life.

    Sorry for all this in my first post, but i dont know who to turn to anymore.
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    :welcome: to SF. You will meet many new people while you are here. Most of us can relate to the type of things you are dealing with. I hope we are able to support you. :hug:
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