Tired.. and Scared...

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I've been having these attacks.. And I'm getting kinda tired of it.. Tonight just started feeling sick again.. And I think I've noticed certain things that may be causing it.. "Certain activities".. and some foods have been making me a bit sick as well.. Tho the attacks specifically I think are caused from the "certain activities"..

I'm not sure what really is going on, but these attacks generally start with pains in my abdomen and chest first and then back, and other areas. They kinda are a bit sharp. And then my entire body goes into shaking.. And yea, I guess this could maybe sound like a panic attack.. Idk.. My feet and legs have also changed colors and got cold during these attacks. As well as my hands can become discolored. And it makes me SUPER tired after the attack finally dies down a bit..

Not sure what it all is.. Have appointment for the 24th but hoping next week I can call my doc office in morning and see if I can get in sooner..

I guess the only good thing is since I'm noticing this I can try and see if it's the real cause by avoiding the "certain activities" for a while and seeing if it helps. and I just spaced........

Blah.. I'm just really tired of it.. Oh yea.. Walks seem to help some if I catch it early as they make sure my feet don't go dark and loose circulation I guess.. and also putting socks on to make sure they stay warm enough.. Least I think..

and... spaced again....

oh.. I have known I have endocrine and hormone problems for a while.. Think I need it all checked out again. :(
oh, totally understand- i've been experiencing this sometimes myself. as you said, afterwards.. you get super tired- or in my case, non responsive what so ever

i hope they manage to get it sorted..


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Thanks.. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing similar things. Just wish I knew the cause.. Or what would help it.. I am trying to sleep during the night and it's hard when things happen like this make me stay up and I end up sleeping the day and then have to make myself be up so I can try to sleep at night.. URG.. I'm just always tired..
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