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Tired man.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by LastCall7, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. LastCall7

    LastCall7 Banned Member

    New dude, so I wont harp. I'm tired man, you ever get tired? I get tired, I'm tired man. I need one of those lay down in a stream and go to sleep moments, but it's winter here. Lay down in the moss and drift off looking at the sky. It's a looooooong time until spring. My skull is getting tight, Im forgetting again. I need to have the spirits wash me again. Yeah.
  2. LastCall7

    LastCall7 Banned Member

    It's just such a moral breaker when I come into them. Hella dirty. It's hard at the beginning, it breaks you. I dont know if I can handle it. I know I can, but man, it's rough. Its hard as hell to be washed of evil in one sitting.

    Let it be said, the angels, they're a tough breed. I'd hate to make one angry.
  3. LastCall7

    LastCall7 Banned Member

    Oh Great Spirit, Creator of all things;
    Human Beings, trees, grass, berries.
    Help us, be kind to us.
    Let us be happy on earth.
    Let us lead our children
    To a good life and old age.
    These our people; give them good minds
    To love one another.
    Oh Great Spirit,
    Be kind to us
    Give these people the favor
    To see green trees,
    Green grass, flowers, and berries
    This next spring;
    So we all meet again
    Oh Great Spirit,
    We ask of you.
    - Mohawk Prayer