tired of beig the scapegoat

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  1. morning rush

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    why do some people like to hurt others? I am just tired of being the damn scapegoat because I'm easy going and nice. I shouldn't have to build an super thick unpenetrable armor around me. I should have the right to be me, be imperfect and not have people run me over for whatever...

    I mean this just drains me so much...
  2. Terry

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    I could have written this post 30 years ago, easy going always seem to = doormat.
    Have found, over the years, that people assume easy going means they can do and say as they please; I never learnt to have a thicker skin, but I did find my voice and will now stick up for myself and refuse to be bullied into changing.
    It doesn't have to be a row either, when people would point out imperfections I used to laugh and say "I know, sad isn't!" and walk away, it drove them apeshit lol.