Tired of being alone

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    What's worse than being all alone? Being alone with people around. I am the friend everyone runs to when they need something, middle of the night calls, a ride, help with this or that, advice, a place to crash... I had a house and I couldn't get rid of my friends. They would come and stay with me and confide in me about everything. I lose the house ::pOOF:: everyone f***ing disappears on me.

    What's worse is my family does it too. Like my brother, he used to have NO friends. I brought him with me to parties and outings, he tagged along (we never made him feel that way) and he was a big part of my life from a very young age. Everywhere we went it was like, Blonderedhead and Ace! Everywhere! To the point where when I went somewhere without him people were like, where's Ace? So I have my house, he brings his gf and friends there. Lose the house all of a sudden he disappears.

    Now we both live with my mom. I ask him when he heads to town, can I catch a ride, tag along, come with you, whatever. He pretends not to hear. Says stuff under his breath and changes the subject, then slips out. Happens all the time and I am just so angry!!!

    My dad, turns out he and my brother planned this trip to Vegas with all these mutual friends of ours and going out on the lake... was I invited? No. I'm the kid that calls him, I am the only one that sends him cards and checks on him and his family and he tells me he is so sad he isn't close to the others. Then they do these things and I don't even get an invite. It's slipped out by some friend or in a remark.

    WHY am I not important? Why is it so easy to drop me all of a sudden?! I know I'm not whiny and I'm not an a**hole but I am clueless as to why I'm so disposable.

    My heart hurts, my head and my chest and I feel so pointless.

    Somebody please make me feel better.

    I'm fu**en done!
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    Im really sorry that happened to you, nothing hurts more than when the people you love take advantage of you... :hug: here if u wanna talk
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    It's unfair your family and friends treat you this way, have you told them how you feel?
    They might not realize it hurts you, which is stupid on their part, but you need to speak up!
    Feel free to PM. :hug: