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Tired of everything

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I'm packing up all my bags and running away in 2 days. I'm 20 years old and all my life I never got what I wanted. It started back in high school when I never got a girlfriend. Now that i'm older I never got the job I wanted. Well anyways 2 days ago someone finally called me after an interview to come in, but when I did they said they couldn't hire me because they didn't have time to this week. That's when I realized this world will always be about money and will always be selfish and needy. Me, I'd rather be homeless and eat off the floor. I feel sorry for most people alive who have to suffer and struggle and be in a state of want, not me. Also I didn't get accepted into the college I wanted. Well I'm taking control of my life and i'm heading away. There was a girl I used to like long ago from newyork and I figured I might as well find her. I live in south carolina right now so I'll have a long way to go. I live with my mom who barely has any money.

I just thought I would rant

1. Fuck America, There's no fucking opportunity in this country, just greed and capitalism when there should be socialism. That's right I said it, want me out the country, fine, i'll pack my shit and leave. I don't need and of this stupid shit that america claims is needed. American people believe they need
diamonds, and movies and a giant tv to be happy, fuck that, keep all your stupid shit. I don't need to sleep in your beds or eat your nasty food. Most rich people don't seem any happier, look at charlie sheen, and all the stars who killed themselves.

2. Fuck the education system and college. Growing up everyone kept blabbering about education and it's magical wonders, no one gives a shit about that, most people only go to college to drink and get laid. Most of the stuff learned never got anyone, anywhere, worth a damn. Look at all the unemployed people with degrees. Ofcoarse the economical system let them down again just like everyone else. Look at all the NBA players and rappers who made it just fine without college being their main thing.

3. Fuck Jobs, that's right, long ago getting a job meant something, you actually made a way of living, now it's not like that anymore, you can't create anything or make anything. You are someones slave. So you know what fuck that, I'll live on the street. No one is going to tell me what I can and can't do. You want me to pay you money for your expensive food in your resturaunt, then no i'm not going to do it. Keep your soggy, nasty food, probably has roaches in it and will give me food poisoning. I don't need nothing from no one. If everyone left me to die alone in the jungle, I wouldn't give a shit, fuck off. I'm on my own, I don't need any of this stuff most people think they do.

Those are 3 of the main reasons i'm deciding to run away and be homeless. People are always begging someone to do something for them. Not me, you don't want to do anything for me, then fine I don't give a shit. I don't need eat fast food another day in my life, I don't have to watch another movie
ever again in my life.

am I alive

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Hey, sorry to hear you feel this way.

I just want to say that I feel exactly the same way. I will leave my house in a month too, actually I am leaving my country and I am ready to live in a tent for some time and to travel around the Europe. I have very little money and I don't care if I die. I have graduated at college almost a 3 years ago and I still haven't find a job, no one wants me and even if i manage to find it somehow I will have to work for peanuts. I hate capitalism as well, and I am sick of amount of greediness in this world.

I know this didn't help you much but you know the point is: its same shit everywhere.


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hugs for both of you ..i dont really know what to say except i think your both really brave for breaking away from the typical world im not sure id like to be homeless as i have been before but please stay safe xxxxx
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