tired of feeling alone and unloved

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Basically i joined this because ever since i was eleven years old i felt suicidal on and off. I am now 32. I always felt alone like I had no friends, stupid and not good enough. I am a recovering addict with 1year and 9 months. Getting high helped me escape my reality. Then it destroyed my life. So now I go to a.a. meetings and still feel out of place. I feel like no one likes me. I have no idea what i want to do with my life. I just wished I could feel better. I hate feeling suicidal. Its the worst feeling. I just wished I could feel loved. Most of all I wished I could love myself. :blub:


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I wish I could love in general. But I have realized that I cannot. I have never loved.... so I am sinking into a comfortably numb existance so that way this miserable existence passes me in a blur...
:sad: Really sorry to hear that you are feeling like this Cat, not believing in yourself is really does damage to your confidence. To be honest with you, I used to have feelings like that and Im only 14. I was addicted to mixing pills with alcohol for the effect it gave me and the fact it made me forget all of reality for a short period. Im really glad to hear that you are off it, although you may think that its not a big deal at all, it is and Im proud of you for it :smile: Please dont feel any hate towards yourself, you have showed a great amount of determination for kicking your habit and you are not afraid to stand up and admit that you was an addict. Take things one step at a time, when you feel ready, find a job if you havent already got one. If you dont really want to, take a course on a subject that you enjoy, not only will you be learning about something that you enjoy, but it will give you a chance to meet new people. Just be yourself, anyone who doesnt like you because of the person you are is a total dick. Take life one step at a time, and grab any chances you find. Hope this helps you :smile:

Take care
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Please dont feel unloved. People here care about you. Why do you feel that you cannot love yourself? You appear to have a lot of strength and courage to tackle your addiction. These are qualities and you should think more highly of yourself for possessing them. If you want to talk feel free.
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