Tired of fighting.

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    All my life I simply told myself that life would get better at the next stage in life, after high school, I thought college would be better, after that I thought law school would be where i would find myself. Soon in Law school I cracked under the pressure, it finally hit me that I had no friends, and nothing to show for my life so I cracked under the pressure. Somehow I reasembled myself and put myself together again, and the people close to me said that I should take a year off and get my affairs in order, become "happy" and "productive". That was ten months ago and I have even less then I did before. My life has hit a standstill, I am despretly unhappy about everything I have no job, no money, I can't even afford my medication right now. Worse then that I hate myself more then ever, I hate my current weight, the way I look, the negative way people precieve me, there is absoulty nothing redeming about me as a person. I tried making changes and I failed, I really don't want to go through this anymore, I just want it to be over.
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    im so sorry to hear that... i feel the same too...i was always said ill be better when i...., but never ever happend :( anyway,hopw you feel better soon
    take care
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    If you go to hospital and tell them how desperate you are and want to volunteer to be inpatient perhaps can stabilize your depression and get you on medication and help to keep getting them. take care sorry your feeling so down but try hld on okay as these feeling will lessen in time.
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    There is nothing meaningful in my life right now, I seem to have hit rock bottom without crawling out of the gutter. I don't see a bright future ahead of me.