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Tired of giving a f*ck

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So, here comes a long ass rant because i feel like screaming and punching my fist through yet another door(thats not really helping anymore). This is my day...

Fell asleep at 330a.m. after forcing myself to stay awake to talk to Josh, which never happened b/c of miscommunication, I knew right then..not gonna be a good day. Got woken up at 630 a.m. by pounding rain against my window and I already knew the inevitable, that my basement would be flooded. The rain hates me even though I love it when it's not pouring into my basement. So yeah woke up to find the water pouring in over the freshly poured concrete into my awaiting bedroom. Great, just what I need, not that I mind canoeing but I'm so sick of having to rip my room apart and clean shit up. I spent from 7am to about 1pm vaccuuming up water, yeah for me b/c that's what I like to do on my day off..no really cleaning up water is the greatest fun. I was ice cold by the third hour, I couldn't feel my fingers or my legs, for those that know me I'm already always cold. So it took me three hours to even get slightly warmed up and even now I'm still cold. My father ended p coming home from work to help, while my lazy 28 year old brother "pretended" to help. In his eyes smoking a cigarette and text messaging while standing there watching us work is "help" I'm tired of him being able to be a lazy fuckin slob and getting away with it. It's such crap.

So that was my morning, come night time my fuckwad of a brother just takes off and leaves me here with Dylan. He decided to go play pool. It's funny for someone that cried a week ago about knowing he was selfish and how he was a bad father he sure doesn't know how to change. So this is the text message i sent him after screaming to him on the phone that he was a god awful father.."its funny for someone who came crying to me about being a shitty father, nothing's changed" I'm tired of his crap, he's a shitty father, he does nothing for his son, he's a piece of shit and I am on the verge of punching him in his fuckin' face. So yeah...that's my day ..hopefully it doesn't get any worse or i might shoot someone :ohmy:


Sorry you had such a bad day, hope you feel better for getting it off your chest:unsure:
Hope tomorrow is better for you,

Take care, Lea :flowers: :hug:
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