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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Takotsubo, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Takotsubo

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    yeah just tired of all the shit that has happened in my life , i made so many mistakes in my life that i want to fix , so many regrets . i just can't hack it anymore seems like the only way out is "that way out". i now know i am really screwed up because i now beat the shit out of myself , usually i beat myself with my own fists and leave bruises but yesterday night i took a< edit moderator total eclipse method > and started swinging it at myself , sorta hurt because i was numb from being drunk. the girl i so fucking love is getting <edit mod total eclipse inappropriate> i really fucking hate .

    the severity of my depression and suicidal thoughts have gotten pretty high and real. yeah its gotten to the point , I've already decided that its not going to be IF i will do it but WHEN i will do it . yeah i dont think i'll last another year.

    try and believe me when i tell you i really tried to push through but yeah can't do it anymore. its almost valentines and yeah i dont think i can live though that day , knowing the person i f-ing love is gonna get her brains banged out and just people everywhere will be all goo goo gaa gaa over each other and here i am just lonely me all fucking depressed.

    so yeah maybe in a month I'll follow through with my plan .
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    Maybe it is time now then to look into getting some help fo ryou to heal talk to your doctor or get a therapist and get out of the depression you are in hun Don't wait until you are to deep in darkness it will be even harder then to reach out
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