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tired of it

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ive planned to kill myself a bunch of times, tried a couple, but my stomach is a curse. i puke a lot, my stomach is really sensitive. my friends have caught me doing it, and stopped me just before i go past the point of no return. now ive started planning again, and i just dont know what to do. im tired of this roller coaster ride of numb, sad, distraught, and kindofsortofbutnotreallyhappy. constantly. ugh.


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Overdoses don't usually do much besides injuring your organs. They can also make you black out, very similar to an alcohol overdose. A lot of people don't know that they can do some really nasty damage.

I'm sorry for this mood cycling you're experiencing. I'm on lithium for that purpose. Are you utilizing any type of treatment?


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Okay, from what you've said, I'm going to guess that your meds are partially helpful, but not completely.

If that's the case, I'm in the same boat you are. I've never felt totally better, never stable enough to really involve myself in life. I'm frightened of ECT, although I'm aware it may help me, but in terms of traditional treatments I've tried countless combinations, nearly every SSRI or SNRI you can imagine, and it still hasn't been as helpful as I'd like it to be.

And, well, I overdosed some time ago and spent the night hooked up to machines in the ER. Very unpleasant, if I may say so.

The significant difference worth mentioning is that I can't handle talk therapy, but you're able to. I hope it's helping you.

I'm sorry you've had to experience the things you've mentioned. My only advice is to reach out to us when you feel you're at your worst, because we're here to do what we can for anyone that needs us.

I will ask you, however, do you feel suicidal now? If yes, then what is it that's making you hurt so much that you want to kill yourself?
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