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im really annoyed and upset to be honest every single time i meet someone on the net they give me all this crap they always ask why i never have a pic of myself up and i tell them that its because people are very shallow and they stop talking to me after they find out what i look like i mean wft just because i don't look like a freaking supermodel they think they have the right to say stuff about me which is very unkind behind my back i have very little self worth/confidence as it is without someone rejecting me that exact reason.believe me im not being paranoid about this at all i know its the reason a few of my so called friends no longer talk to me what the fuck do they expect from me ? i have never been one of those types of people who have an endless amount of friends so when i get rejected for such a stupid reason it really hurts i know it shoulden't but it does.


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I think a lot of people here can relate to that. There's so much about looking good nowadays and not enough about actually looking for a person whom ur personality matches with.. The people who look for outward beauty don't know that someday that outward beauty wont exist. It's better to find people who appreciate you for who you are, not how you look. Keep going and find people you can really call friends. :hug:

Wish you all the best.


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Those types of people are extremely shallow. Have you tried making new friends here? This place might be a good start :)
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