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tired of life itself..

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hey everyone im 15 (name will remain anonymous) ill be turning 16 soon.. so basically i have a father whos a gambler addict,my mom is a pill popper,my brother is a tweaker(crystal meth addict),im an ex crystal meth,heroin,and crack cocaine addict. ive been in and out of juvenile hall because of the consequences of wrong judgment,i made mistakes without thinking,i guess police or my parents dont understand whats going on inside,i guess its because i isolate myself a lot from them and keep everything to myself. i got kicked out of my school district in march of 05 and havent been going to school since,im going to a community college,and just about 10minutes ago my parents gave me some stress on what i NEED in my life,i need to talk to the one person that can make me feel good,the only person that knows how to make me feel perfect,when this person smiles the whole world is alright to me,but they arent even giving me the decent privacy of talking to the person, and i just have this anger inside of me growing hate/anger/and depression.ive already been diagnosed with depression/anxiety/and attention deficiet disorder. and i guess my parents just dont understand whats really going on inside...and im growing to hate them..my life feels really hopeless, basically im cycling around the phrase "fuck the world" i just want to be able to get that little support from my friend that i do have.now my parents are threatening to call my probation officer and i dont want to spend my 16th birthday and a juvenile hall as i did for my 15th.my parents just dont give a fuck about me.so why should i?
Hi and welcome! :smile:
Sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough time.
Maybe you are wrong about your parents not giving a f**k. Maybe if they wouldn't care, there wouldn't threaten you with calling your probation officer, maybe they would just let things be. They probably do that because they love you and they don't want you to sabotage your life.
That person seems very special to you, sorry to hear that you can't get decent privacy with her. That must be frustrating. :hug:
I hope you'll stick around, and find some support in this forum.
Take care!
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