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  1. Ill just go ahead and say it, i take AAS. I wasnt happy before i started taking them and thats what some unhappy people do, they take drugs and lift weights as an escape and a form of self-hate/masochism. I really dont want to do it anymore but im not finding a reason to stop. I have little to no friends. i dont have a girlfriend and its not for lack of trying. my mom and dad are in their mid 60s getting older and my 2 brothers are older than i am and are living fairly far away from me and i rarely get to see them. i just want to kill myself. nobody gives a shit. i cant even get people to pretend to give a shit anymore. should i kill myself or die through AAS usage and use it as motivation in the gym or what. i had a lot of hate in me before but this has made it worse. i just dont know anymore. i deleted my social media because i was judged on my low friend/follower count by others. one thing is for sure i will not let other people step over me anymore. if someone says something to belittle/piss me off ill let them know about it.
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    I am sorry that you feel so alone. Would being closer to your brothers help? What about professional help?