Tired of life

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I'm sad and it's a cloudy and rainy day.

It's been a difficult year for me after 2010 was a great one

I didn't know someone could be as sad as I'm right now

It's like I just want to stop breathing and sleep forever without ever facing reality again

I'm tired of crying for hours and feeling panic attacks that make me wanna run and scream

I'm tired of being afraid and nervous all the time

I'm tired of this feeling my life is just not worth one cent

I'm tired of thinking I'll be forever alone and that I deserve it

I'm tired of life

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what happen hun to bring you to this point perhaps talking about it will help.
Have you talked to a professional about how you feel. Therapy or meds to help decrease your sadness some. Here anytime you need to talk okay hugs

total eclipse

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Of course you would not like it to be this way. I do hope you reach out and get some help for you Talk to someone okay a councillor someone it does help


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Dear eduardo,

I’m sorry you are feeling this way. We all may have such kind of moments…

It’s good that you remember that your year 2010 was a great one. Great things like that can happen again, you know…

Is there something in the future you are worried about? Is there something you can do to prepare or something now?

You know it’s just a thought that you’ll be forever alone and that the thought is not true because you can only know what the future holds when you experience the future as it comes as now. Lots of things we cannot see now may happen along the way...

Also, I believe you know that the train to paradise is just another thought…

Life can be tiring if we worry a lot about the future. If we just take care of this moment and experience life as it presents to us at each moment, we can breathe more easily…

How you feel now will pass…please hang in there!!
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