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tired of not sleeping!!!

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What the point of sleep meds if they dont even put you to sleep. So far i have tried every sleep med out there and even take more meds so i could sleep but yet im still asleep now. I've been awake now for 3 days and it taken a toll not only on my body but my mental state of mine. Some night i feel like im going crazy. Maybe i am since normal people sleep. I've given up trying to sleep because eventually my body will shut down sooner or later. My psychiatrist tells me to try try to soothing things that will relax me. I told her i pay her just to her that. Does she really think that i haven't tried that already. I wish i knew her phone number because i would call her every hour so she couldnt sleep and then maybe she will know how it feels to not sleep. Then she wonders why my depression is getting worse. It doesnt take a genious to figure out that sleep can make depress worse and u become very irritable. I've even went to the er and ask them to please give me something that will knock me out and they said that they dont do that. They look at me like im crazy. Even when i do fall asleep it only a couple of hours. Man i would give anything to sleep for 2 days straite. I cant stand not sleeping it really starting to make me angrier as the days go by. I just needed to rant thank u for letting me.


It's good you got to rant. Healthier than keeeping it inside. Sure your psychiatrist means well but is a DICK when it somes to being helpful/practical. Even physicians/ family doctors can be perfectly USELESS - I have one of those -

I really feel bad for you - feel FOR you

Sorry I can't be more helpful than empathetic - I know it seems as useless as "advice", 'cept somone knows how you feel...

P.S. I have now begun to cheat and take naps during the day. It screws up my nights but they're already bunged anywaze. And I too am desperate. In fact, I always have my "blankie" or shawl handy - and it IS a comfort.... I DO take lorazipam 2mg before bedtime - it's not falling aslpeep that gives me trouble, but waking up to panic attacks at 4-5 in the morning - so I go out on the balcony for a smoke or two. Do you smoke? Stupid question. One less bad habit - crooked grin. We're fucked! (another crooked grin - but only half of me is kidding around...)(trouble is is never know which half anymore...)

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I used to have the same problem, my minds really active, so I started thinking of a brick wall instead of all the normal things I usually thought about and I guess my mind just shut down and I fell asleep, I guess you could say, I bored myself to sleep lol.

Maybe it won't work for you. Sorry.


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Sleep, the final frontier !!!!!

Maybe we should start an I'm up all night forum! Then we could perhaps bore each to sleep :laugh:
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