Tired of playing along

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    My life is pretty much shit but I still try to keep it relatively together for everyone else. I pretend I'm someone I'm not when others are around and I make the effort to keep to the tasks I said I would do. But obviously everyone else doesn't care about trying to keep to their word.

    I play fun league volleyball on sundays at my University. Even when I feel like shit and it's really not the thing I want to have to deal with I still go. I said I would play so I go to play. For the last 3 weeks we haven't had enough people to play properly. We've had like 4 people and it takes at least 6 for a team. We're not the good in the first place so having less is even worse. I know sometimes things come up and you're busy but every fucking week is ridiculous.

    I'm so tired of playing along so I don't hurt people anymore than I already have but it would be nice if people could extend the same fucking courtesy.

    Now I'm fucking pissed and don't want to do the work that I had planned on doing. Yay more things to fuck up