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tired of trying

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by lostnvrfound, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. lostnvrfound

    lostnvrfound New Member

    in the fall of 2007 i tried to take my own life. but it didnt work someone found me and rushed me to the hospital. after overdosing i spent 16hrs in cardiac care. i now have problems with shaking and short term memory issues. they say i will face kidney and liver problems in the future. my depression has never gone away i have good days and horrible days. i still just want to give up but i try to keep my head high. just yesterday found out the girl i was falling in love with got pregnant before we meet and now she is marrying the other guy and idk what to do. i lost my great grandma in feb she was my best friend. my heart physically hurts i feel like evrytime i start to feel happy i get hurt worse. its like 2 steps forward 5 back. i just want happiness an love but cant find it. im just so tired of everything. i just want it to end:lost:
  2. cutiepie132

    cutiepie132 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how a doctor is able to determine you will end up with kidney and liver failure. By what means do they think they can see this in your future? Maybe if they just feel like it could happen, doesn't mean that it will. Don't be sad over something that hasn't happened yet.

    We will always face things in life that can break our hearts, frustrate us, hurt us, and other things that can make us happy, make us laugh, we are born to feel, and all of these feelings are going to come and go.

    Right now, your feeling especially down because of your ex-girlfriend, and that is totally understandable. News like that would affect anyone in a negative way, especially where falling in love is concerned..
  3. Princeofhope

    Princeofhope Well-Known Member

    It's always worth seeing the next day. Sure, medically you're in a bad spot but if your will to live is strong, you'll make it through.

    Gotta have hope duder.
  4. Sorry to hear you're in a bad place.
    I'm facing some medical walls myself so I know what its like to just look at the situation ahead of you (in my case diabetes and heart disease triggered by long-term anti psychotic use)... and feel like there's no way out except to end it yourself. I'm in that place myself tonight so I don't have any real encouragement to offer you... just wanted to let you know that you're not alone tonight.
  5. Kassy

    Kassy Well-Known Member

    Sorry for you too.
    I am despaired myself, cant help you, but it always feels supportive when you know you are not the only one having a hard time.

    I have been trying to be happy for the past 37 years and with my new therapist, I realized it might mean I need to be on med for life.

    Talk to someone always relieve a little bit of darkness.
  6. cutiepie132

    cutiepie132 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunetly I have the same thoughts cross my mind. How easy it would be to just give up and stop the suffering. I'm so sick of having health problems, I struggle just so I can stay out of bed, and function. 14 years of pure hell there. It is better, but it still sucks. You can't cure a disease, you can only hope medication can control it, and while it is helping me to some degree, it's not enough. I am going to keep on fighting for as long as I can stand it, and can only hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Your not alone either..
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