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I so cant be stuffed doing aths tomorrow... I swear it seems like too much effort. i'm tired. And so if I say I dont want to he wont take it nicely, I've missed about a quarter of training so far this season, and I've missed almost every health and PE class this term alone. its not as if I'm a total couch potato and I'm completely unfit, its just that out of sport and co curricular stuff, co curricular stuff tops my list at the moment. or well it always has been and probably will be for some time to come if not all the time while I'm at school. Just face it, I'm not sporty and I know that and so although I dont mind some sports but if I'm more tired than usual you may as well just screw it. I really really really really really really wish that sport isnt compulsary... grrrrrrr and as much as Id love to I dont qualify for a stupid little slip of paper that says that I can get out of it for the semester. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :furious:



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I'm really really sorry about your feelings, because I always felt the same way. I'm not very healthy and have asthma and I'm very shy, so for me it always was really difficult to play sport games at phisical training classes (because I couldn't play well, so nobody wanted to have me in the team :sad: ) and also it was hard to do some phisical exersises...
I totally understand you... :sad:
but when I began to go to church I met many young people who were (and still are) very attentive and caring with me, so now I play sports with them with pleasure because we encourage one another :smile:
so I don't hate sport anymore :smile:
and I hope you'll feel better about it.
please, try to do what you can do (also you can talk to your teacher and explain that it's really difficult for you to do exersises etc.). Maybe it will help?
You can also ask your friends to encourage you to attend these classes (as for me, I missed many of them, just because I didn't want to )
If you want I can encourage you :hug:
I can even send you pms every day you have phisical training classes :laugh:
I'm really serious
I know how hard it can be, so it would be really important and helpful for me if someone did it when I had this problem
take care :hug:
if you need my help, pm

Its so grossly unfair, and sad... I DID go to aths today and the whole team turned up as well - all 20 of us. Its so sad.. our girls aths team is the second biggest in our school and we're still the smallest compared to all the other schools we're against. -insert other school here- had about 20, yes you heard me right 20 under 13's... and how many did we have? oh yeah, three? And we have ONE U17... who is our team captain... and so that leaves another 16 whole people to fill in U14 U15 U16 and Opens... it sucks. We barely have enough to fill a relay team per age group and so if someone's sick we're basically stuffed.

Bleugh sorry for taking up space with me ranting about aths... dont bother to reply lol.
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