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  1. teragab

    teragab New Member

    Tired of being in constant pain,tired of all the meds that dont make it better but instead make it worse. Tired of trying to care and live for people who only hurt me. Tired of being so nuts I cant even maintain a relationship because of all the past hurts and trust issues. Tired of missing the only man in my life who truly and really loved me for me but he took his life 2 years ago. More often than not I wish to join him and be out of all these struggles and pain. I have 5 children and a grandchild but my life has been absolutely nothing but pain,struggles and suffering. Sometimes it hurts soo much nothing else matters but to be free and at peace. I cant have close relationships with anyone because my trust is diminished. I am too tired to keep trying and think that being with my lost loved one is where my heart lays. I have no more happiness or hope. And I am a spiritual person but even that doesn't help me want to stay. I feel worthless like I will never ever find the love again I once had and I miss it soo much the pain is over whelming. I don't know what to do...I have no more strength or energy to even do anything anymore. I am no longer happy with my life and have been like this for a long time. I only hurt those who try to get close because of fear..and I do it constantly. .destructive. I don't feel like I have a purpose anymore...just lost...and I do see many many doctors....no help...
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  2. total eclipse

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    YOu do have a purpose you are a mother and a grandmother Your are not worthless depression makes us feel that way though i understand I am sorry you are so sad hun
    Keep talking to us ok let some of the pain out here hugs
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    Sorry to hear this. Do you want to say what things that you have tried to deal with this? There may be something helpful in the link in my signature.

    I think that your love would want you to be happy if you can be. I don't believe in trying to talk anyone out of suicide, but rather to say that in most cases, there is a way for things to get better, even if it seems like there isn't. We might be able to help.
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