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  1. lanasummer

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    I just feel so tired all the time.
    I feel like crying all the time but I am afraid if I do I would be able to stop.

    I am tired of feeling like I am living a double life.
    I am tired of smiling all the time.

    I just wanna feel normal.
    why is that so hard to do.

    Anyone ever felt like that & how did you overcome it.

  2. total eclipse

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    Hi lanasummer yes i too feel like i am living a double life one that is in control and one that just wants to lie down and cry and cry and cry
    sometimes it helps to do that ok find a safe place and let some tears go ok in a shower where no one will hear it helps to let go of some of the sadness and pain
    sometimes talking to someone about how one feels helps too a therapist a clergy person someone you trust
    good to see you reaching out here because people here will understand and not judge you hugs