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    I'm going to fucking snap. People are so fucking stupid and I swear it's either them or me. One of us has to die. How can people be so damn ignorant and just so dumb.

    I'm so tired of acting. I get yelled at by the one fucking person that actually cares about me (or at least did) because I can't keep up this act. I can't pretend to be happy anymore, I can't pretend to enjoy being around people and I can't pretend to be that fun loving good guy anymore. I'm not that. In fact I'm the opposite. I hate people and honestly think about what it would be like to let go and end one of these complete idiots lives. I'm a product of a fucked up life and it's not getting any better but rather worse.

    "Think about the good in your life" she says. Huh, what good? The only good is you and that's quickly looking like it's leaving too. So what do I have? Nothing. I'm broke, have no future career and will always be alone. Ya I should be happy.

    I don't want to be alone but wish everyone would just stay away. That makes sense.
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    We all have our ups and downs, you are jsut going to have to accept things the way they are, whether it be someone's intellegence, or ones ability to like other people, which it sounds liker you sorley lack in.

    I think I would get along fine with you actually. I feel like I am surrounded by complete idiots, but I guess everyon feels that way. I remeber in school there was a complete dumbass named Luke who was completley full of himself. He thought he was smart, and hot, and that everyone liked him. WRONG. He was a complete idiot with a D average, and everyone talked crap about him, and I guess he had an okay body.

    Anyways to the point, no matter who it is, everyone thinks they are surrounded by idiots, it is natural, you just have to shove that thought to the back of your head and then socializing is pretty damn easy.