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  1. emsdallas

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    I’m tired of being depressed. I’m 56, unemployed (almost 2 years) and I just wish I could check out.

    You name it—I’m tired of it.

    Tired of depression—diagnosed at 30, on and off meds, mostly on

    Tired of meds—curious about life w/o meds-it’s been so long on meds that I’m beginning to wonder what the real me is

    Tired of the outside world—it seems like the world is one great big toilet. Humanity, what a joke. For all of the modern marvels that we take for granted, I believe that our value system is in the ditch.

    It’s scary. I have a terrible dread inside, almost like it’s the beginning of the end, but I can’t get ANYTHING done, so one day turns into another and another and another…

    I don’t have insurance, so do I have to do something drastic to get more help. I can barely afford the meds. I only see a doctor every 3 to 4 months for a med checkup (15 minutes-what a joke). Please, no suggestions involving any church related org, I don’t need my soul to be saved or any of that fictitious BS.

    thanks for listening
  2. total eclipse

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    Please don't take drastic action to get help. Just go to the emergency dept of you hospital tell them you are not well mentally having sucidal thoughts they will have to help you. The can try new medication there are afew out there that helps depression that has not been helped by other meds. Please get help no need to stay in the state your in Go to hospital and ask about new medication or as your doctor abt new meds for depression hard to treat depression take care mary
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