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    Really really tired of all this shit this stupid cycle of crashing every couple weeks its just so dam lonely there's never any happiness hasn't been for years. so whats the point I mean all life has ever brought me is pain, I have no prospects nothing in my future. I've tried to just man up and keep going but I don't think thats gonna work anymore don't have anything inside anymore no drive, no confidence, no motivation. Supposed to be turning 20 this month, everyone keeps telling me stupid stuff, like im young blah blah blah. How's that supposed to help I still feel like I just want to stop. The fact that im young doesn't change that the last 7 years has been nothing but stress, pain, worry and depression. I can't just keep forcing myself to go on I don't want to live like that it hurts way to much.
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    Yeh your right the pain is pain no matter the age but what there saying is time is on your side. There are new medicatios now get your doctor to try them. Get on new therapy a good therapist that will help you. There are ways that will help stop the cycle use them so you can have more energy to do the things you want to with out the ups and downs. It is a battle but there are so many battles that can be fought and won. Just tell your doctors whatever iit is your on it is not working so change things up. take care okay i hope this down leaves you soon.
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    agree with violet..good advice...
    hope you get some help...