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im so sick of myself and the world that i live in, i want to be better so bad, it hurts so much i dont know how many more times i can tell myself its all going to be ok, every day is the same wake up feeling depressed, geting more angry and agressive as the day moves on, im so tired of beaing an agressive ass hole, im so trired of feeling ashamed of who i am, im so tired of never sleeping a goods night sleep, im so tired of never feeling love, im so tired of coming home to the same shit, im so tired of doing the same dead end shit, im so tired of life, im so tired of feeling like i want to cry every second i walk around at school, im so tired of always telling myself it will all be ok and knowing it wont, im so tired of saying sory over and over again when will it end, when will i be ok again, when will i stop, when can i be normal again, when can i love and be loved, im so tired, when will it all end


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I really dont know what I can say to make you feel better, but just know you are not alone in what you are feeling. And it really sucks to feel like this.
If you ever want to talk PM me about anything at anytime.

Talk to you another time
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