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No don't worry, it's the good kind of tired, after sporting :lol!:

Only trained for a good hour at the gym but it's still a nice start. I did go home to shower cause i didn't wanted to shower there, too much of a crowd at the moment I stopped. Gym is a bit boring for me but that's why they invented ipods and stuff like that. :headphones:

When it's staying light outside a bit longer then i can go mountainbiking in the week too, at the moment i can only do that in the weekends when i don't have to work.
Making an appointed with a doctor tomorrow to have my foot checked so i can start running again maybe after a while, if not then i'll keep doing the sports that i can do.

I always loved to do sports just had some bad luck with injuries and stuff.
It was a bit hard to find some new sports but i had too or i would be sitting still forever.Maybe if i keep looking i'll find more sports i'll like.(but i still miss kickboxing a bit :boxer: )

Anyway i hope other people can find a sport or other hobby(i know sporting isn't an option for everyone) that keeps them busy, it is rarely something that makes problems go away, but (for me at least) it can make you feel a bit better. :hug: to all of you

Btw, this is my 1st post on the Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages forum. :cool:
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