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Sick of not being able to do enough for anybody. I do everything I can for people but its never enough. Tired of people telling me I'm worthless.... I'm exhausted and sick both emotionally and physically. Nobody cares about how I feel... it has to be about them only.
For what its worth Josh mate, i care. I see your efforts here all the time.
I suppose you mean real life...................... i dunno dude.............all you can do is carry on giving.
Never change the good things about you, even when others dont recognise your goodness, at least you can recognise it yourself.
I wish you peace my friend.


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It just seems I'm not good enough at all. on here even... there is only a small few amount of people that even talk to me or anything. I guess there is just more wrong with me than I thought. And then in the real world I'm constantly ignored unless somebody needs something. or I have people just saying horrible things about me when they don't think I can hear just because I need to sleep for work and am unable to help with something they needed. I can't do anything right and everybody makes sure I know it.


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Nobody's perfect. But you do plenty right. If people can't recognize that, then it's their own stupid fault. It sucks that people are bringing you down and treating you this way though, you don't deserve any of it.
Hey delusive,

we haven't spoke before, but I wanted to say that maybe the reason not too many people talk to you on here is because of them not you. I mean.. I have really bad anxiety, am painfully shy, and have a huge fear of rejection, which is why I find it too difficult to reach out to people, but that doesn't mean you're not good enough. I've seen your responses to people's threads and you show much compassion and always try to help. I know the reason I don't have many people to talk to is because I can't reach out, and I don't trust etc, so.. I don't know if I'm explaining this right.. I'm sorry. All I wanted to say was that there is nothing 'wrong' with you. I don't think anybody here has countless people to talk to, everyone has their difficulties, please try to not blame yourself when it's usually other people's issues. You seem to be a good guy, from what I've seen :) Sorry for the unclear rambling, head's a bit fuzzy.. hope I helped a little bit though.

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As others have stated you are very kind and compassionate to the ones you reach out too. I am sorry the people you care about are not returning that care and understanding. Just some people are ingnorant when it comes to mental illness. I am here anytime you just want to talk okay pm me anytime hugs.

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if it helps any, you do help me...I appreciate every pm you send me and I'm sorry that I'm so down I can't help you feel better...

don't let people at work get to you...selfish people get their dues...mostly the people they talk to already know they are crap, they just let them talk and then move on....

if you catch them talking about you, confront them...that is the best feeling in the world to catch someone doing that...I've done it a few times and they've left me alone after that....
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