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  1. I just feel so tired with everything.
    I want to give up.
    What's the point of continuing to circle round this negativity?
    I feel like there's nothing good out there.
    Not even in myself anymore.
    I was always a little depressed,
    but since he knocked me it's been much worse.
    I still miss him everyday.
    I struggle whether I should go back or not.
    To be miserable because of him or to be miserable without him?
    I feel like I've become a shitty human being.
    No longer having it in me to love or care about someone else.
    Now I'm just an empty, selfish sack of blood.
    I want to travel,
    I want to love,
    I want to live.
    It all just seems so impossible now.
    I hope I can make it through this winter.
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    have you tried any treatment methods?
  3. Not really. Counseling years ago
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