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  1. Snowhite

    Snowhite New Member

    I've just joined here, don't really know why. Maybe because I want some company & not to be by myself.

    Am so tired now and see no future & no point to struggling on.

    Just concerned about how to do it & it failing. I want to go to sleep & not wake up. Just not be aware of anything. Don't want to get it wrong.
  2. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Going away forever is not the answer. We are not old broken machines to be discarded. Stick around here and discuss the things with others, your peers, and tell us what it is that is making you feel down. Go into the chat if you want some company - often there's fair and honest conversation in there and it can even fill your space and help you make new (virtual) friends. Just this morning a small group of us on there had a bunch of fun joking about one of the chat features (emoticons). Good fun and great "bonder."

    I am sure that you feel you have tried and tried, and you feel that there is no hope. You are wrong. Firstly, you can never ever try enough times. Getting better and being happy is way to important to give up on. There is no returning later from what you're considering, and one thing everyone should always learn as lesson number one in life is to ALWAYS leave doors open as alternatives. Never have a plan in place that you can not later turn around from.
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    Hi Snowhite and welcome to SF. I know how you are feeling, and that's why I came to this site. I hope that we will be able to help you.
  4. WldHair

    WldHair Well-Known Member

    Yes, many of us have had that feeling, but somehow we get through. If you hang in there, it does get better. Just think hills and valleys. Right now, you're down in the valley and you can't see the light. I can tell you this from my explorations is that there is no immediate relief on the other side. What you feel now is what you take with you, sadly. Many spirits have been stuck here on this Earthplane because they are held here by sadness and regret. So please, just hang in there. It will get better. If you don't know why you're having these feelings, see a doctor to get the right medication for you. It will help.
  5. Snowhite

    Snowhite New Member


    Thanks for your replies. I've been sleeping all day & feel a little calmer this evening.

    I always try and remind myself that things go down and up again but at the moment it's like I'm on a rollercoaster. Ok for a few days then plummeting back down again.

    The difference this time is I have a million more things on my plate than I did before and its getting harder to go up each time. Now I'm incredibly tired, physically exhausted & mentally exhausted with no glimmer of hope on the horizon. I'm lost in limbo not knowing which way to turn next. I've been here so many times here before but this feel worse than I've ever encountered in my life which is why it hard from me to get out of my current thinking.

    It's just building up to do it as I'm frightened of dying though it is getting easier to accept now. Especially when everyone has to die some time. Why should I wait til & I'm and even more unhappy. Why not just get on with it. My body is just a shell for my soul, there's bound to be something better on the other side.

    Just so tired of everything. I don't even know why I came on here as am sick of trying to explain how I'm feeling & justifying how I am at the moment. I guess I hoped people on here would be able to empathise and relate to how I feel currently.

    With regards to doctors & medication, I am on medication now and have been for about 14 yrs on and off, for depression. I see my doctor regularly so will speak to her soon. I also see a counsellor and am seeing her tomorrow night so hopefully that will help.

    I'm not going to do anything just yet as I need to plan how and where first so I can minimise distress as much a possible. Also want to make sure it's certain. I'm not doing it for attention, I'm doing it because I want to go, if I can back things would be even worse.
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